CCP is a communication network for retailers, entertainment venues and organisations, aiming to build local working relationships and link communities. 

Every Town Centre or Retail Park has its own channel. All channels are monitored simultaneously by a Dispatcher who can relay information between groups, transfer users to 999 or merge channels in the event of a major incident.   

Our Control Room also supports members by helping to manage an EXCLUSION ZONE that is compliant with all of the latest data protection regulations. Deterrent Stickers and Lanyards are supplied to display membership.

CCP members are granted access to the SentrySIS UK anti-crime database securely using the TE 590 handset and from any PC to add/view real-time local alerts, bar persistent offenders from the EXCLUSION ZONE. MG11 Witness Statements can be created for the Police including media and Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) compliant CCTV uploads. Other features include:

Face Recognition
ID’s Required 
Vehicles Associated With Crime

Crime Map
Time of Day Statistics
Police Briefings